WA ALFA is dedicated to advancing public policy initiatives advocating for informed choice, quality care, and accessibility for all Washingtonians.
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The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) is the largest national association representing the assisted living industry. ALFA serves executives of companies that operate professionally-managed communities for seniors. WA ALFA is the official state chapter of ALFA in Washington.

As the state chapter of ALFA in Washington, WA ALFA provides a forum to help consumers, physicians, financiers, elected officials, regulators, media, family members and others understand the options offered by assisted living. We know, as you do, that life in assisted living means freedom of choice, independence, security and an active, meaningful life. More and more families are choosing this compassionate and less-costly long term care alternative for their loved ones and themselves.

WA ALFA members subscribe to a philosophy which offers cost-effective, safe, personalized and quality care; fosters resident independence and individuality; allows residents’ choice of care and lifestyle; protects residents’ rights to privacy; nurtures the spirit of residents with dignity and respect; and involves family, friends and the community.

Advisory Board

The WA ALFA Advisory Board consists of one individual per member organization. Each Advisory Board member serves a two year term and the Board meets a couple times a year in person and via teleconference when needed.


Through our organization, WA ALFA members have up to the minute information and access to training sessions, seminars and conferences.

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